Forgive me if I am mistaken but I think there's comfort to be taken in impermanence impending. Knowing that nothing's never ending. Either I'm lost in some ideation or spaced out in dissociation with trains of thought I can't keep. Now they're all racing and I can't sleep. When T H C caffeine and nicotine are the vices I use to end my means. And I'm drifting shifting through reality, pull me back to actuality. Wait my bad how rude of me to ask of you to do something that I myself could never do. Please excuse my rude and toxic point of view. I'm just disappointed that I made it through. I wanna go where I won't be found where I can't burden what I surround. Safe and sound I'm a shameful noun lost in the forests that became this town. How quick we were to build what now won't stick around. I'm lost in the forests that became this town.


from Party Anthems for Agoraphobics, released December 30, 2016



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Amy Bruce Spaceshow New Lenox, Illinois

These songs are the result of writing and recording music in my bedroom for the last few years. In other words; it's free for a reason.

If you want to talk or chords to a song send me an email!
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