by Amy Bruce Spaceshow



released July 20, 2016

Album art by the wonderful Justin Trout!
Music written and recorded by spaceshow



all rights reserved


Amy Bruce Spaceshow New Lenox, Illinois

These songs are the result of writing and recording music in my bedroom for the last few years. In other words; it's free for a reason.

If you want to talk or chords to a song send me an email!
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Track Name: Honeydew
I've been passing the time by making terrible rhymes To fuel the dilution that this confusion is the only peace of mind I'll ever find. Another solipsistic soliloquy, fucking c'est la vie. How do you get your foot in the door to a place you've never been, that'll never let you in. These days I forget reasons I had to wake up for. Useless introspection, shadows and reflections they follow me around like the burden that I think I am. To make due though "what's been up with you?" is my master plan. Day dreaming disasters, my words to the masters are what are you waiting on? Complain about what I can't live without, yet life goes on. How do you do my honeydew? I'm terrible but how are you? 4034 PLU, how do you do my honeydew?
Track Name: Martha Jane
The kid that you knew is now falling apart and used to puking in the bathroom so hard you can hear a heart. Atter nervous expeditions in my piss poor condition I am finding out that changes aren't always just a new start. But I'm still old enough to know that I'm not too young to not care one day I will have to buy "men's" clothes and probably cut my hair. Then I will count my days in cigarettes in lost hopes and main regrets and think of how nice it would be if I didn't have to care, like I do anyway. Same shit a different day. It's dire, I'm tired and my purpose itself has expired. You think that I'm wonderful and I think that you're wrong. Every stranger underneath my skin was ugly all along. As a drifter finding different places they don't belong I won't pretend to find for you for I've never felt strong. You think that I'm terrible and I think that you're right. If I go outside I'll fall apart as the sun it shines too bright. Now my fortress of safe solitude collapsed from its own height. So while you're sleeping calmly I'll be sitting upright singing "I''ll spend my whole life alone and never find myself home. Succumb to all which that I'm prone and pretend that I've always known." Because I have nightmares everynight, a constant state of fight or flight. I live to be this sorry sight and wake myself up just to spite.
Track Name: Blame
I cried out your name and silence replied all the same. There's no room to complain and too much to explain and I am the one to blame. ('ve lived enough to learn how it's okay if you hate me now)
Track Name: Threshold
Under the ground from where I stand
lie my dead dreams of holding your hand.
And since I just can't live love,
you were right to give up.
So make your mistakes and I'll make mine
then cough it up to wasted time.
Exhausted and tongue tied,
atlas shrugged the world sighed.
You don't want me. I don't want me.
Ghosts of my past selves still taunt me
but I'm moving on to curse the kid that's gone.
Can I pause this, the composite
of life spent inside the closet?
Is this just another phase
when I can't breathe between the waves.
Still my soul doesn't feel room to grow.
The gaping holes in my chest my never show.
Still self involved and indulgent, behold
Stuck in my skin and can't break the mold.
And none of my words would break through the threshold.
Track Name: Carcinogens
I'm weary skin on a skeleton ashamed of who I am and who I've been. Now all I need are my pills and carcinogens why should I let anyone in? Because I know I'll let you down. Surround the ghosts that haunt this town and if I let go I'd probably drown I now I will let you down. I won't be the monster I've become forever. Never have I ever dreamt of both of our lives spent together. Never have I ever never.
Track Name: Raining on your Birthday
I hope you forget me as I hope to forget you. I hope it rains on your birthday for the rest of your life too. It turns out we were both wrong as to who we thought we were in that I was never him or that you were never her. But who was I to think that I could keep you safe from harm cause now your gone when you found your better half while you were in my arms. and how i used to think I hated you when I hated myself and made you think that you would ruin me and my own mental health. Through the damage done wasn't it fun? These days I urse the rising sun that has the nerve to get up when I don't. But you got wise and severed ties, romanticize my own sad sighs and hope one day to move like I won't,.
Track Name: Another Year
Waltzing with ghosts comatose by revered. The futures unclear and I'm afraid that the ending is near. Like planning a funeral late my dear. Rotating the sphere what good is another year when I don't like the life I lead but lack the brave to break routine of cycles that compose of my seems. I lack the love of life to give but yet I've just begun to live. Hopeful to forget before I give. Worthwhile smiles through fading styles it's been too long it's been awhile. And my head keeps screaming "I don't want help it feels just fine" over and over in my mind.