Small Talk

by Amy Bruce Spaceshow




This is a split that's been in the works for awhile. I met Garrett when I was a baby (like 16) and we've been friends ever since. Garrett is so sweet and writes songs that break my heart and take my breath away so I'm super glad this split exists. We recorded both of our sides by ourselves. (DIY OR DIE) I taught myself how to play on a broken trumpet. Garrett's half rules. Mine's okay.

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released December 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Amy Bruce Spaceshow New Lenox, Illinois

These songs are the result of writing and recording music in my bedroom for the last few years. In other words; it's free for a reason.

If you want to talk or chords to a song send me an email!
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Track Name: Heartache
I miss too many people that probably don't know my name anymore. I've spent too much time on day dreams made up of anything before. But is growing up forgetting what it feels like to be young? 'cause I've found nothing is as comforting as those lullabies you sung. The ones you didn't mean to sing; never meant to mean anything to me. But I forgot how to fall asleep when I forgot the sound of your voice when you hum. Is this a heart disease or this just growing up? No, I'm not strong enough for all of this. Is this just what it seems, another case of bad luck or something else I fucked up? Everyone that I miss serves to prove that my heart still exists. Because we're growing up and growing apart and the space in my chest that is meant for a heart feels empty but whole. I guess time took it's toll. How can hearts be satisfied by what they can't control?
Track Name: Mable
Mable mable, if you're able keep your elbows on the table. Stay secure and oh so stable. And differentiate fairy tales from fables made to make you feel so small. The rest of the world is just scared and tall. And I know it's hard not to care at all. But it's about how far you go, not how far you fall. The stars have left all their scars and scars never heal. Your dreams have machines at their seams, find out if they're real. Everything had to start while we broke our own hearts just to feel. Your dreams had machines at their seams that no one could steal.
Track Name: Small Talk
I'm alone again and who would have thought that I am still the kid everyone left and forgot? But at least my bed is comfortable so I guess that I am too. I'll wrap myself up in blankets and in thoughts made of you. And things could get so much better and so much worse. And I guess I'll see which one comes first. But for now I only know it hurts. Please don't look at me like that, like you know me as a fact. Because I am more than the kid who just sits in the back. Whose voice is never heard; who never speaks a word. Because I am more than the fact that I'm so insecure. You don't know me at all. You're a friend that never calls making small talk so small. We're not different, just tall. If there's one thing I've learned in the books I have read, if there's something left to say than it's better left unsaid. We're not mature, just tall. Sometimes when bridges burn the fire often spreads with no reasons left to stay but nowhere to go instead.
Track Name: Predispositions
Don't call it a sickness. Don't call it a curse. My heart may be broken but I know it works and who are you to tell me what it beats for? There's a disease that you keep reinventing. I won't respect you when you can't accept me or the problems that you conveniently ignore. Because I'm a human being. I am not a condition. Fuck you and fuck all your predispositions.I'll sing this loud until I lose my voice. It's a matter of fact not a matter of choice. It's a fact of life not a matter of choice.
Track Name: Heartaches
It takes some time. Wasting weeks, months, years of your prime. My heartaches ignore the amount of time it takes or the effort my pulse makes when I can feel it beating. Yet it keeps repeating. Have you heard me complain and whine about how I'm alone all of the time? The comfort of what I can't call mine keeps telling me that I'll be fine. I closed my eyes in the hopes to fall asleep, an attempt to find some sense of peace. When every bad memory I keep are at most just ghost that wont stop haunting me.
Track Name: GW - Sunburns, pt I
She counted off her sunburns.
Showed me the piles of dead skin she'd peeled from her life
Told me secrets in hushed tones
Said she felt better,
But I couldn't sleep that night.

Girls like us
Always have sunburns peeling from our shoulders.
Even in the longest winters.

She held her tounge
Like a fragile stained glass window,
Housed in a small church off of the highway,
Where aging mothers retreat to pray for their young daughters.

Callouses where soft skin should be found.
Track Name: GW - The Devil
Midsummer, sleeping in too late.
I close my eyes when you get up to leave.
Count sunspots in my eyelids well past one,
Then brake/make the days first promises with my heavy tongue.

Well it's one foot in front of the other.
Some days slower some days faster.
Steady pace.

I ignore useless advice.
Constant distractions leaving ugly bruises on my thighs.
No one knows how to be happy.

It's just one foot in front of the other,
Some days slower some days faster,
But we, must keep up a steady pace.
For we must not keep the devil waiting.
Track Name: GW - In a Food Court Somewhere

I'm sinking into the airport floor,
I've never felt this heavy.
I am an old elephant,
And I'm walking to the secret cemetery.
My weight is too heavy to carry,
But I will not burden my family.
An island the west coast or Paris.
I wish for a less perfect memory.

These days I can't stand to be alone,
But I don't make very good company.
I'm only okay when I'm on my way home,
But as soon as I get there, I want to leave.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
You know I miss you so much when I am gone,
Someday I hope I can come home
And stop singing these sad songs.
Track Name: GW - Blushing
Sitting in the gravel outside of a bar on the east side,
All the college kids hang out on Kirkwood in another part of town.
So tonight this bar could be a scene from Vinnie's up north
On 2nd street. I feel dizzy.

I trace the dents left in my legs by the rocks,
I call you three times and on the third time you finally pick up.
You're drunk at home, alone in your room.
I'm drunkenly making friends in this parking lot
With anyone who wants to.
So I stumble, over poorly chosen words,
As I try to explain a series of events that've made me crazy,
But all that comes out is that it's late and I feel stupid.

In the spring we could barely speak through our blushing,
And in the summer we got wasted every chance we could
At the only gay bar in this town,
By the fall I'm sorry sat so stiff on our
Chapped lips & frostbitten finger tips
That in the winter,
We could barely speak again.

You smashed your phone,
Wrecked your car.
Moved to the west side.
I moved downtown.
Track Name: GW - Sunburns, pt II
You walked through locked doors,
But you swore you weren't a ghost.

You wrote me letters,
But I burned them all before I opened up the envelope.

I may be mean,
But that doesn't make you sweet.

I don't think having soft hands makes you sweet.