explore your world and let wonder speak

by Amy Bruce Spaceshow




BIG thanks to all my wonderful friends in Bloomington for being so nice and welcoming in the last few months.

This was recorded in various places in IL and IN


released June 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Amy Bruce Spaceshow New Lenox, Illinois

These songs are the result of writing and recording music in my bedroom for the last few years. In other words; it's free for a reason.

If you want to talk or chords to a song send me an email!
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Track Name: self aware
When we're together I don't wanna be apart. But I'm afraid I'm overbearing from following my own heart. Whenever you are here it's like there's oxygen back in the atmosphere. And I start shaking at the knees when we talk about our dreams. And with my lack of self esteem does this sound as stupid as it seems, but won't you hold my hand? I'm too self aware, too focused on my despair. If you have sometime to spare our place can be anywhere.
Track Name: wholesomely lonesome
Wholesomely lonesome but I know I'll get by because I feel my best between hellos and goodbyes. And the serious star that shines bright in the sky, so will I. And if I were buried acquainted with flies I'd've never of known of the world in your eyes. I don't identify with what I've been assigned but that won't define how my heart can shine.
Track Name: reflections
A blank expression across my face so I've feeling like a disgrace to the human race. And the persistence of existence is exhausting me while the sentiments of memories are haunting me. But at least I think I'm more than my regrets; my mistakes, the pills I take, and every cigarette. Impeding doom always assumed to be on it's way. But introversion's my diversion from this sense of decay. Reflections showcase my imperfections. And I can't even recognize myself. And the tension of perpetual suspension from cycles of living life as someone else.
Track Name: boo hoo
Smiling's not sincere whenever you're not here. Blame the atmosphere. When will I decide to disappear? So I'm still around, probably dragging you down. And my heart broke at its own sound. Unwanted haunted surrounds.
Track Name: interlude
*home movies soundclip*
Track Name: oh, my
Oh love my love, I've come undone. I'm nothing to no one anymore. Oh love my love, where have we gone? Still trying to move on like before. But love my love, I will be safe and sound. I know I won't make it if I stick around. Not being your nouns I am drowning a frown and probably dragging you down. Oh love my love, I've been torn apart following my own heart through dead ends. Oh love my love, I'm losing my mind. And I'm leaving behind my best friends. Enough is enough my love. Oh love my love, you think I'm someone else. But soon I'll find myself in my eyes. Oh love my love, I hope you had your fun. The damage has been done through good times. Guess this is goodbye.
Track Name: what if god...
What if god was just a bus? Blowing gaskets in our caskets dust. And every axle starts to rust on its way home. And if god was just a bus killing kids that wanna cuss then I guess death's just a must on its own. Yeah, my god is good. And I know to bow down when I should. Yeah, anyone's scared waiting on an answer from their prayers. What if god was just a bus driven by some guy named Gus? What if god was just a bus?
Track Name: talkative
Your really cute and I'm pretty shy. I get so nervous around yet I don't know why. But I could never get a word from whatever you go on and on about. You're in a talkative mood but I just wanna watch your lips move. Don't wanna seem rude so I smile, nod, and approve to whatever you have to say. Cause I love the way your voice sounds anyway.
Track Name: sleeping
I slept through most of the sun today as if I never cared for what birds have to say. Calling quits inbetween coughing fits from the tar in my lungs I welcome to stay. Won't you humor me and indulge the cliche, I'm quiet cause I got nothing to say. It persists in the way I exist so I keep my head and try to feel okay. Am I more than what I know or am I simply what I see? I'm a shell of who I was and of who I'm going to be. But my sense of self is something I guess is up to me. But I can't breathe. I just can't breathe.